New York City - work and play!

Spent 5 days in NYC this summer and packed in at least 2 weeks of activities. Orginally, I was going to the city to photograph a friends wedding. After the contract was signed, monies were exchanged, the couple decided to go to the courthouse and make it official months prior to the wedding date. After talking to the bride, we decided to keep my trip on the calendar and they would still have wedding portraits. Since I was going to be in the city without the pressure of a wedding, I called up my best friend, Kristina in Milwaukee and asked her if she wanted to spend a long weekend together in the city that never sleeps. In between head shot shoots and the wedding shoot, Krisina took on Manhattan. Staying in Soho, we were steps away from Chinatown and Little Italy. Of course, we saw some awesome musicals on Broadway. We walked the High Line and had a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. When we were in Brooklyn having dinner with the wedding couple, Jo and Ricardo, we were telling them what we had done prior to meeting them that day and the groom replied; "You did that all today?" I think the highlights of our trip was seeing the tv tapings of Kelly and Michael & The Late Show with Seth Myers. It was an exhausting and memorable time together. This is a photo I took of us at Serendipity on the upper east side our last day in the city. 


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