What should I wear? A guide to senior portrait clothing and why professional makeup is important.

When I sit down with high school seniors prior to their session, the main topic is clothing.  What is so great about the world we live in today, we have everything at our finger tips!  Now, I wouldn't suggest using Web MD to diagnose any symptoms that you may be having, but I would check out the world wide web for fashion inspiration.

If you type "fashion trends" in Google or Pinterest, you are going to have a lot of information along with images to browse. Remember, these are just inspiration.  I wouldn't go out and buy an entire new wardrobe, but start shopping in your own closet first.  Then, if you need a belt or a pair of platforms to finish the look, hit up the mall.

Be you.  Be comfortable.  Nothing is worse than putting on clothing that doesn't fit properly.  This will also show in your images.  Tight and baggy clothing is unflattering in photos.  If you can see a muffin top in the mirror, you will see it in your portraits.  Also, wearing clothing that is too big for you, will make you look bigger than you actually are. You want to be able to move and pose in any type of situation to make the most of your senior session.  Do not let your clothing restrict you.  If you are a tomboy, why would you wear a prom dress during your senior session...unless maybe you pair it with your favorite purple converses?

Here are a few links for 2016 summer trends...


Another topic that is on the forefront of every senior girl is hair and makeup.  I offer my senior girls the option of having a professional makeup artist at their shoot.  Ashley Gaa travels from Omaha to pamper, make our seniors at ease and give them the film ready look they are wanting.  Ashley also stays with us through out the session for face touch ups and keeping an eye on hair placement.  It is important to have a professional apply makeup the day of your shoot as they are experts on knowing what will look best on film. 

Below are a few of our 2016 seniors...

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