Meet Sydney!

     Meet Sydney, a #kateSEEN team 2018 model! 

Sydney is a junior at Wahoo High School and also calls Wahoo home.  Her friends call her Goldilocks (which I think you can see why) and also Syd.  She has a sweet tooth for most candy and will never turn down a gummy bear or chocolate.  Sydney can be seen sipping a Dr. Pepper while scrolling through her favorite apps; Pinterest and Instagram.  New Zealand is on the top of her list of places she wants to visit.  Sydney's favorite song is "Die a happy man" by Thomas Rhett.  Her favorite brand that hangs in her closet is American Eagle.  Sydney cannot live without "the 3 F's" which are friends, family and food.  If you are with Sydney and you forgot your phone or have dry hands, she always carries her phone and lotion in her purse.  Watching t.v. and art are her favorite hobbies when not doing school work.  Sydney had a hard time picking just one fictional character, but finally did settle on Katniss.  Brownies and ice cream are her desserts of choice.  Sydney is a little nervous for her senior year since she doesn't know what she wants to do afterwards (that is totally ok, Sydney!), but is excited to experience everything for the last time and make memorable moments with her friends.   


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