Stripped - Session One

I have had this type of session in the back of my mind for awhile now, but just didn't go anywhere with it...until now.  Maybe it is because I'm feeling a little bit lost these days.  Maybe it's because I wanted to capture something more.  Maybe it's because I just wanted to listen to another persons story.  Maybe it's because for the first time in my life, I felt stripped.

For the past few years, I have had a senior rep program for my studio called; The Model Program.  What is great for the seniors involved and myself as well is that at any point I can say "Hey!  Come to the studio on this date and time, I want to try something!"  This year I have thrown wet paint, dry paint, water, mud on the models and they have loved the experience and I have loved the images.  I have a few more sessions lined up with them including "Stripped".

Kate was the first to set up her session.  I didn't tell the girls anything about what I wanted to do with them as I didn't want them to over think it.  When Kate arrived she said "So what are we doing?"  And I proceeded to tell her; "I just want to talk.  Tell me a story.  Something funny.  Something sad.  Something that scares you.  Something that pisses you off.  Anything."  I also reassured her that I would be there and would ask questions to help the session along.

Kate wore a pink shirt.  This was to represent breast cancer.  A disease that her adopted mother died from when Kate was 11 years old.  Kate talked about growing up with her adopted parents on the farm.  She giggled as she told a story about how she used to tickle her moms feet.  Kate told me when they found out her mom was sick.  She ended with the story of her moms last moments on earth.

This is Kate...stripped.

Kate asked to have a few images taken in her cowgirl hat.

These last images were taken as I was doing a light test. :)
Not every session will be this emotional.  Not every teenager has gone through what Kate has gone through in her life time.  I was so moved by her openness and bravery that day.  Thank you for being so open and trusting me with your story, Kate.  


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