Stripped - Session Two

If you haven't read "Stripped - Session One", take a moment to look back and read so you understand what these sessions are all about.

Rachel came in at 4pm on a Sunday shortly after Kate's session.  She was freshly showered with damp hair.  She told me she had just got off work and hurried home to clean up and make it to the studio by 4pm.  Again, she didn't have any idea what we were going to do.  She knew to wear a solid color shirt.  That is it.

When I started to explain what we were going to do, I could tell she was getting a little nervous.  I asked her if she understood and she replied "I just don't know if I will have anything to talk about."  So I walked her over to the shooting area and had her sit down.  I turned on the light and the camera and took a seat next to the camera.  I started asking her about school and if she was ready for graduation.  I then asked if she knew where she wanted to go to college and what she wanted to study.  Rachel wants to study psychology.  Her fascination with the human mind intrigued me about her.  This was something I had no idea about Rachel.  She smiled and giggled as she talked about the human brain and the difference between being born with a trait or if you develop a trait due to your environment. 

We ended the conversation as I asked her about her boyfriend.  She told me how they met, how he asked her out...oh yeah and she giggled through that too. :) 

Here is Rachel...stripped:

 Thank you, Rachel for coming in without any knowledge of what we were going to do.  And for not walking out the door when you found out. :)


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