What's on trend for the fall?

By Kateri Hartman
When you think about the word fall, what first comes to mind? 

Do you remember that time you tripped over absolutely nothing in front of everyone, or do you think of the "autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place"? Perhaps you get a warm cozy feeling just thinking about October months, or maybe the thought of Thanksgiving meal stresses you out. No matter what kind of memories you tie to it, there's always one saving grace about fall: the fashion. When the sun stops making you sweat, and the cold starts to nip at your toes, you know it's time to break out your favorite boots, scarves, and sweaters. 
But not just any sweaters.
Fall fashion is all about making warmth and comfort look cute. First, start with basic layers. You can start with a tank top from summer that you didn't want to let go of, and add a button down shirt over top. Then, throw on your favorite sweater or cardigan when you head out for warmth. Cardigans were big in 2014, but this fall try something a little more polished. A great option is a cable knit sweater in a two-tone pattern, such as black or white. This option is a simple polished piece that will go with anything in your closet, and you can add your own accessories to make it your style. Now think about your bottom half. Regular skinny jeans may be a good option if you're simply having a fall afternoon with the family. You can wear plain denim, or dress it up a bit with jeans in burgundy, black, or even blue. Can't part with that adorable skater skirt that you wore throughout spring and summer? Wear it with a pair of tights or knee-highs, and that skirt has just become more versatile than than an all-purpose house cleaner. If you want an edgier look, simply add a leather jacket with some lace-up leather boots and your look just went from cute to cool. Looking to be more casual? A pair of leggings with an oversize sweater is always a comfortable and cute outfit that you can wear anywhere.
Whether you want to look casual, dressy, or just plain cute, a sweater is always in style when the warmth turns to cold. For more ideas and inspiration, check out the two links below!


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