Before your session: Things to know

 It is hard to believe that I opened my studio 9 years ago after a career as a professional stage manager.  Being a photographer was never on the radar as I grew up, went to college and started out my 20's.  In my late 20's things started to shift and changing careers was probably one of the scariest things to do and on top of it...move back to my hometown of Wahoo, Nebraska from New York City.  I do not think my years of studying and working in theatre has been wasted.  I use the skills I learned to tell stories, work with lighting and how to direct my clients.  I love photographing many genres, but I would say my top favorite is high school seniors.  There is just something about this time in their lives that I love to capture.  For me with any shoot, communication is key and with high school senior sessions there is A LOT of communication that you just might get sick of me!  Here are a few things to know when you book a session with me:

  • START PLANNING OUTFITS AS SOON AS YOU BOOK - this means to start looking on Pinterest and in your own closet.  Pull clothing pieces and hang on the door as optional outfits.  I will help you with outfit choices and will even collaborate with you on Pinterest boards to see what you are drawn too.  I have a lot of boards for inspiration on my Pinterest - Check it out HERE!
  • CONSULTATION & IN PERSON ORDERING:  A few weeks prior to your session, we will get together and talk through questions and get a game plan for the day of your session.  About 2 weeks after your session, I will invite you to the studio for your viewing/ordering session.  This when you will see your senior pics for the first time and orders will be placed...I told you, you might get sick of me. :)  
  • BRING SNACKS & WATER TO YOUR SESSION - Most of my seniors choose a 2 or 3 hour session and nobody wants an hangry teenager!
  • MAKEUP ARTIST FOR THE WIN - Adding on a makeup artist for senior girl sessions is probably one of the most important decisions (other than your photog:)) that you can make.  She will not only get you camera ready, she will be with us the entire length of your session to keep you looking fresh.  Getting pampered right before senior pics...YES PLEASE!
  • DIGITAL FILES:  Yes I offer them with a limited printing release.  If you have more questions on how you can purchase digital files - ask!

What's one thing you wish you knew before your senior session?


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