Kristen - 2015 Senior Model!

Introducing: Kristen - 2015 Kate DeCoste Photography Senior Model!

my school: Wahoo High School
my hometown: Wahoo, NE
my nickname: Krissy, Kriken
my favorite candy: Almond Joy
my favorite drink: Ice Tea
favorite website: Pinterest
my dream job: Something where I can travel and meet new people
my biggest accomplishment so far in high school: Academic All State in Golf
an unusual talent i have: Watching Netflix
the person i most want to meet: Josh Hutcherson
my favorite things in my closet: Shoes
something i always have in my purse: Pens
my goal after high school: Study Abroad
my hobbies: Reading, Golf, Watching Movies
the last good book i read: The fault In Our Stars
when i grow up i want to be: Biologist, Marketing, I don't know
my favorite dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream
what i'm excited for about my senior year: Last Year of High School!
my friends would describe me as: Wallflower 



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